UC extends Fall 2013 application deadline for students impacted by Hurricane Sandy

In response to Hurricane Sandy, the University of California is providing applicants affected by the superstorm with the option of an application deadline extension for Dec. 15.

Applications for Fall 2013 enrollment are due Friday, and students are encouraged to meet the deadline. However, if necessary, students on the East Coast can seek authorization from the UC Application Center to extend the submission deadline for the application and official test score submission beginning Dec. 3.

In addition, UC will accept January SAT scores from students unable to take the November SAT or SAT Subject Test due to the superstorm.

According to the UC Office of the President, about 5,150 students, or approximately 3.2 percent of all Fall 2012 UC applicants, reside in states affected by Hurricane Sandy.

“I think the deadline extension will give students on the East Coast a bit more of a chance to get things in order because we know how deeply the hurricane affected them,” said UC Davis admissions advisor Jessica Melgar. “I’m hoping it’ll spread the word about the UCs and give students on the East Coast a chance to apply. It could affect our numbers in a positive way.”

The extension appears to be a part of a nationwide effort to help mitigate the application deadline for affected students. Colleges and universities across the country have offered similar accommodations.

“This extension can only serve as a positive outcome for both the applicant and the UC Davis campus,” said UC Davis admissions director Walter Robinson. “I’m sure there are some outstanding applicants affected by the storm … who can make meaningful contributions to the intellectual, social and cultural vitality of our campus community.”

The U.S. Department of Education has also encouraged colleges and universities to be accommodating of students impacted by the hurricane.

“Many colleges and universities have recognized the unanticipated difficulties that students are facing in completing their college applications, and some institutions have already extended their deadlines. We encourage other institutions to consider being as flexible as possible in the coming weeks to accommodate students whose lives were disrupted by Hurricane Sandy,” said U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan in a news release.

The extension applies to all nine UC undergraduate campuses. To seek an extension, students must email ucinfo@applyucsupport.net with “Sandy Extension” in the subject line and the campuses to which they are applying in the message body.

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